Alma Journal

Porcelain Cacao: Meet the Hero Ingredient in Our Crema Esencial
When developing the Crema Esencial, we considered an endless number of powerful botanicals - but instantly fell in love with White Porcelain Cacao. This hero ingredient in our youth-preserving cream is a 100% natural ingredient that has recently been prized...
Discover Our Favorite Black-Owned Clean Beauty Brands
4 Beautiful Brands to Shop Now and Always
Melissa Losada on Beauty, Consistency, and Revitalizing Rituals
Each January, we're naturally pulled to revisit our habits and routines - evaluating what we'll let go of, and what we'll commit to. Melissa Losada, one half of the visionary duo behind luxury accessories brand M2Malletier, is here to give us the inspiration we need to embrace...
Emilie Ghilaga on Beauty, Balance, and Life in Nosara
Plus, your insider's travel guide to the Costa Rican destination.
Maya Memovic's Cartagena Travel Guide
Dreaming of your next escape? This Winter, the Colombian city of Cartagena is at the top of our wishlist. Local tastemaker Maya Memovic shares what to do, see, eat, and experience in the magical destination. The woman behind the city’s...
Marcela Velez of M2Malletier on Understated Glamour, Effortless Gifting, and Skincare Secrets
Meet Marcela Velez, one half of the brilliant duo behind luxury accessories brand M2Malletier. We couldn't be more excited to partner with them on our holiday collaboration of chic beauty and travel accessories inspired by our shared Colombian roots. Through signature designs that have quickly become red...
Fernanda de la Puente on Freeing Your Mind Through Music & Movement
There is no doubt that music is central to Latin culture (and that Latin music is now central to the world!). For our exploration of the sense of Sound, we were drawn to how Peruvian yoga instructor and actress Fernanda...
Mariana Velasquez on Entertaining, the Perfect Tablescape, and Red Lipstick
Nothing brings people together like a delicious meal - and Latin culture is certainly known for its more-is-more approach to food, friends, and festivities. This week, star food stylist Mariana Velasquez takes us through the sense of Taste and shows us what makes...
Anita Calero on Seeing Beauty, Perfect Lighting, and Ageless Skin
This week, we're exploring the sense of Sight with iconic photographer Anita Calero. A true visionary - and the eye behind our most emblematic images - Anita's career began when she moved to New York City in the 1970s. Today, she is one of the most sought...
Aisha Cort on the Power of Scent in Beauty, Culture & Family History
This week we’re exploring the power of Scent - the sense that is perhaps the most strongly tied to our emotions and memory. Our Muse guiding us through the subject is Aisha Cort, the founder of  our newfound obsession The Vela Negra...
Actress, Model, & Trans Activist Morena Ferreira on the Beauty of Empowerment
For Latinx History Month, we're excited to celebrate the vibrancy of Latinx culture through the lens of all five senses. There is no one better to launch our festivities with and represent the sense of Touch than Morena Ferreira - the first trans model...
Patti Quintero on Mindfulness, Youthful Joy, and Inside-Out Beauty
If you're looking for inspiration on recharging your self-care rituals, look no further than our conversation with Patti Quintero. A yoga and meditation teacher of more than 20 years, Patti is a renowned Birth Doula and women's health and wellness educator. She is also...
Gabriella Campagna on Creativity, Intuitive Health, and her Fertility Journey
We couldn't be more excited to launch our Summer Alma Muse series than with this profile of Gabriella Campagna - a truly creative and intuitive soul, who also happens to be my sister. Beyond her work as an actress and filmmaker, Gabriella is...
Lourdes Martin on Travel, Beauty, and the Skin-Diet Connection
With the dream of Summer escapes finally becoming a reality, we sat down with travel guru and entrepreneur Lourdes Martin. 
Carolina Álvarez-Mathies on Art, Community, and Inherited Beauty Lessons
We sat down with Carolina Álvarez - Mathies, the impeccably chic Deputy Director of Dallas Contemporary, for a conversation on career, community, and beauty. At the helm of the world-class museum in the buzzy Texan city, the Salvadoran art enthusiast...
Marcella Kelson on Beauty, Balance & Maximizing the Joys of Parenthood
Meet our go-to Parental Wellness Expert and Mother's Day muse.
Photographer Andrea Swarz on Beauty, Creativity, and Perfect Lighting
Meet the image maker behind Latin America's coolest brands.
Up Close with Mariana Barran Goodall of Hibiscus Linens & Hotel Amparo
Meet the designer bringing her passion for entertaining to needlework and hospitality.
Sofia Espinosa Tcherassi on Fashion, Family, and Five-Minute Beauty
For budding fashion executive, Sofía Espinosa Tcherassi, style and beauty run in the family. 
Makeup Artist Tatiana Ortiz on Effortless Beauty, Ice Facials, and Dewy Skin
We sat down with Colombian-based makeup artist Tatiana Ortiz to learn her tricks of the trade.
Up Close with Anggie Bryan: Modeling Change, Self-Love, and Embracing her Hair
Vibrant, warm, and visionary, model Anggie Bryan has a contagious energy and spirit that has catapulted her to the top of her game.