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Our Story

Welcome to Joaquina Botánica, a line of powerfully clean and refreshingly vibrant skincare. Our formulas are powered by clinically proven actives and luscious botanicals indigenous to Latin America, the world’s most biodiverse region. We have partnered with the leading chemists in clean beauty innovation to curate the region’s most potent superfruits and distill them into results-driven skincare. Each of our proprietary formulas is designed to help you achieve healthy, vibrant, glowing skin through high levels of nutrient-dense, proven ingredients, and zero empty fillers. We never compromise in achieving results  while proudly adhering to the strictest standards for clean beauty.

We believe that beauty is as simple as nourished, hydrated, well looked-after skin, and confidence in celebrating what makes each of us unique. We  believe that skincare rituals should be moments of pleasure, not a chore, and hope to share the warmth of the tropics with every bottle. We invite you to #LoveYourRitual and savor these daily moments with yourself. There are so many methods of infusing rituals with self-care, and we hope that our products inspire you to create your own.

A Note From Our Founder

A New Yorker with Colombian roots, I grew up between both worlds. I created Joaquina Botánica with the mission of celebrating Latin America’s incredible botanical beauty through high-performance skincare. Inspired by family stories of vibrant, spirited women, I named Joaquina after my great-great grandmother, who founded one of the first apothecaries in Cali, Colombia in 1875.

Married to a doctor, Joaquina convinced him to turn his skill making innovative remedies into a business. When he unexpectedly passed, she ran the apothecary on her own until her son was old enough to take over – breaking her generation’s expectations of women and building a modern business.

Born to a Colombian mother and Italian-American father, I grew up in New York, but was always deeply connected to my Colombian family and roots. I started my career in fashion, working at Vogue and W Magazines. A few years later, I was inspired by Colombia's thriving fashion industry and began to work with a series of incredibly talented Latin American designers, helping to propel them on the global stage. I loved the opportunity to celebrate my roots with the world, and felt drawn to do the same in beauty.  

My own beauty philosophy is a reflection of the Colombian women I've always admired - passionate, strong, spirited women who embrace beauty rituals as a  pleasure, not a chore, and know how to celebrate their unique, natural beauty at every stage of life. Nature itself is a huge part of many beauty practices passed-down through generations. After all, larger-than-life plants and flowers and luscious, exotic fruits are a part of everyday life in Colombia.

I started to wonder how I could deepen and share these practices, and began to study the region’s natural ingredients, through conversations with women, beauty practitioners, chemists, and cultivators. Following Joaquina’s footsteps, I wanted to create something innovative, which for my generation, is returning to the power of our nature. I discovered unusual, powerful botanicals and sought out the leading minds in clean beauty chemistry to help me create original formulas that would harness their power. I was pregnant with my daughter throughout this journey, so creating a strictly clean line was always central. Each resulting Joaquina Botánica formula encapsulates Latin American botanical beauty through results-driven skincare. I hope you enjoy our products as much as I enjoyed creating them for you.

Con Amor, Giovanna  


Sustainability is integrated into our brand DNA. We have mindfully packaged our products in recyclable glass and cartons printed with environmentally-friendly vegetable-based ink. Our shipping boxes and tape are recyclable, derived from recycled material, and scaled to be as minimal as possible. Our commitment to the strictest standards for clean formulations means that we never include harmful toxins that cause damage when released into the environment. As we continue to grow, we commit to continuously evolving our methods to adhere to the current best-practices for a sustainable brand.