Marcela Velez of M2Malletier on Understated Glamour, Effortless Gifting, and Skincare Secrets

Marcela Velez of M2Malletier on Understated Glamour, Effortless Gifting, and Skincare Secrets

Meet Marcela Velez, one half of the brilliant duo behind luxury accessories brand M2Malletier. We couldn't be more excited to partner with them on our holiday collaboration of chic beauty and travel accessories inspired by our shared Colombian roots. Through signature designs that have quickly become red carpet staples, the brand is all about understated glamour - much like Marcela herself. Read along for her take on timeless style, the must-haves from our collaboration, and of course, the beauty secrets behind that glowing skin. 

What is your hometown, and where do you live today? 

I was born in Medellin, Colombia but moved to Costa Rica when I was very young. Later I moved to NYC for 6 years and now have been living in Europe for la last 12 years. I moved to Zurich, Switzerland 1 and a half year ago. 

Please tell us a bit about your work and mission of M2Malletier. 

We love creating timeless pieces with top quality that reflect a silent luxury that only those who know know the brand. 

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the M2Malletier x Joaquina Botánica designs? What inspired you creatively?

We loved the look and feel of Joaquina, and wanted to replicate in our pieces the freshness of the Joaquina products. We wanted to create the perfect multipurpose bags for our clients for travel or just every day wear. 

Which piece from the collaboration are you gifting, and which are you keeping for yourself? 

I am gifting the Mini Envelope Clutch bundle in the Lemonade color with the Joaquina Essence and the Oil and will keep for myself the Mini Envelope Clutch in the printed flowers with the 2 Joaquina products. 


In a few words, how do you define your approach to beauty?

In the last years I have really focused on buying clean/non-toxic products that I can really see the effect immediately in my skin. 


How have your Colombian roots influenced your beauty philosophy? 

I love the beauty rituals that our Colombian grandmothers had that were very clean and traditional. They would use natural ingredients they had in their gardens or even at home to do their products, such as homemade natural scrubs or masks. This would give them a fresh natural look. 

Marcela Velez M2Malletier

Any inherited beauty practices you picked up from your family or your roots along the way? 

Massaging my face with a serum/oil, it is something I always saw my mother doing since I was little and now I continue to do it with jade rollers or stones to tone my face and skin. 

Beauty Products Marcela Velez 

What are the highlights of your skincare routine – the 3 products or steps that are non-negotiables?

Cleanser, toner, moisturizer/oil with massage


Do you have any DIY home beauty or wellness remedies that you swear by?

I love the LED mask, as mentioned before, the jade rolling is a must and also ice therapy that can be done with simple ice from your fridge to reduce swelling and tone your skin.


Marcela Velez M2Malletier

What is your favorite way to stay active?

I take an hour walk every day and lately I love doing Barre classes.


Favorite self-care or mindfulness ritual? 

My morning walk is my favorite moment of the day to practice mindfulness and gratitude. Normally it is a walk around nature, next to the Zurich lake or in the mountains to really sink in the trees and nature around me. 

Favorite escape in Latin America? 

While I love Colombia, lately I have been in love as well with Brazil. I love its exotic beaches and its culture. Rio is definitely one of my favorite ones!


Marcela Velez and Melissa Losada M2Malletier