Jen Batchelor of Kin Euphorics on Beauty, Braincare & Celebrations

Jen Batchelor of Kin Euphorics on Beauty, Braincare & Celebrations

Meet Jen Batchelor of Kin Euphorics, the pioneering line of wellness-boosting non-alcoholic spirits that feel just as celebratory. Jen designs each Kin drink to elevate the mood, reduce stress, and leave a positive impact on mind & body. We sat down with the entrepreneur to talk brain-powering wellness, hosting the perfect gathering, and her best beauty tips - from boosting collagen, to her skincare must-haves. 


What is your hometown, and where do you live today? 

My hometown is Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and today I live in Austin, TX. 

In a few words, please tell us about your work and your mission.

I am the co-founder and creator of Kin Euphorics, non-alcoholic beverages designed to help us connect more consciously with one another and ourselves. From beauty, to burnout, and braincare, our drinks are designed to support our goals of better being.


Beyond being a non-alcoholic “spirit,” Kin is a way of practicing self-care. What are some of the ingredients in Kin that actively help us care for our minds?

Kin contains key adaptogens responsible for balancing the endocrine system, which in turn lowers cortisol levels and eases the nervous system. Nootropics in Kin help to focus the mind while calming the fear response. With these two systems nourished, our fight or flight response can disengage and the parasympathetic nervous system can take over allowing us to rest and digest. From this place, we can access the pleasure centers we want to tap to feel our best whether that’s naturally energized via Kin Spritz (rhodiola rosea and 5-HTP), mellow and relaxed through Kin Lightwave (reishi mushroom and passionflower plus l-tryptophan), or joyous and loving with Kin Bloom (damiana and schisandra berry plus GABA).

Celebration and connection play such a big role in Latin culture, in particular. How do you like to incorporate Kin into social moments?


My favorite way to incorporate Kin into my social gatherings is by setting up a little make-it-your-way sangria bar. I’ll put a few bottles of High Rhode on ice and set up a tray of cut fruit, bitters, and non-alc bubbly to make it more festive. It gives people something fun to do and talk about together to break the ice.

Knowing that alcohol can have a huge impact on the health of our skin, I love having an alternative like Kin. What are some of the physical benefits one might experience from limiting alcohol?


Increased collagen (glowing skin!), better sleep, better sex, more energy, less stress, lower inflammation. By adding Kin you get all these amazing natural benefits and more (mental stamina and resilience, focused and clear mind, enhanced memory and cognitive function, the list goes on)

Can you share a favorite Summer “cocktail” recipe using Kin?


I love making a crushed strawberry and basil spritzer with our Kin Bloom. I’m 7 months pregnant (in July!) which means I’m constantly looking for refreshing and cooling drinks to keep me hydrated and happy.  Kin Bloom has less than 6g of sugar (from white California grapes) and a kiss of agave. Adding herbs and some fresh fruit to the mix and pouring over ice is the most delicious way to get cool this summer - preggo or not ;) 

In a few words, what is your beauty philosophy?


Joy, tenderness, sunshine make for a beautiful life. (see also: Don’t be deprived of life’s simple pleasures).

What beauty lessons have you inherited from your mother, family, or culture along the way? How have your Cuban roots played a role, if so? 


My maternal grandmother is French and my mom was born in Cuba so the beauty staples I grew up with included a generous dose of the best perfume through my hair, Shampoo de Caballo, Vix Vapor Rub, and aloe vera on everything.


What are the highlights of your skincare routine - any products or ingredients you can’t live without?


I love a good face oil in the summer and a face butter in the winter.  Joaquina Botánica makes my favorite oil - my skin just soaks it up and leaves a subtle healthy glow. Hydrating foods and drinks like watermelon and agua de jamaica, lots of good sleep, plus generally skipping alcohol, late nights, and sugar bombs is also key to my regiment. Though I tend to practice everything in moderation, including moderation. ;) 

Favorite self-care or mindfulness ritual?


Your favorite way to stay active? 


Favorite destination in Latin America?

Montevideo, Uruguay


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