Melissa Losada on Beauty, Consistency, and Revitalizing Rituals

Melissa Losada on Beauty, Consistency, and Revitalizing Rituals

Each January, we're naturally pulled to revisit our habits and routines - evaluating what we'll let go of, and what we'll commit to. Melissa Losada, one half of the visionary duo behind luxury accessories brand M2Malletier, is here to give us the inspiration we need to embrace rituals that make us feel vibrant, revitalized, and radiant. With the right amount of discipline, Melissa balances a consistent wellness routine with running a thriving business (be sure to check out our collaboration of chic beauty and travel accessories). Read along for her passed-down beauty lessons, her weekly rituals, and her must have products for a less-is-more approach.


What is your hometown, and where do you live today?

My hometown is Cali, Colombia. I recently moved to Mexico City after 12 years in Europe.

Please tell us a bit about your work and mission of M2Malletier.

Every time I design a collection I think about what I would love to wear, what my grandma would wear and my nieces. Our bags are timeless and have the perfect balance between modern and classic being able to look amazing on a woman of any age. 


Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the M2Malletier x Joaquina Botánica designs? What inspired you creatively? 

We were inspired in the lush, colorful tropical landscapes of Colombia. I grew up surrounded by flowers and all kinds of plants, and I'm a plant lover. I had 69 plants in my London flat before I moved to Mexico.

 Beauty Poutch

Which piece from the collaboration are you gifting, and which are you keeping for yourself?

I'm gifting the Beauty Pouch and keeping the Mini Envelope Clutch in printed flowers.


In a few words, how do you define your approach to beauty?  

The less, the better. I use a good moisturizer and eye cream and Nars Orgasm for blush. That's all.



How have your Colombian roots influenced your beauty philosophy?

Colombian women take beauty very seriously. I am very disciplined myself with my beauty routines. I put on face masks 2-3 times a week and use my LED mask religiously. I have always worn sunscreen since a little girl and protect my face from the sun.


Any inherited beauty practices you picked up from your family or your roots along the way?  

My grandma taught us how to make home-made face masks and I did this in my early 20's until I was able to educate myself on the brands I loved and were good for my skin.


What are the highlights of your skincare routine – the 3 products or steps that are non-negotiables?

-Washing my face




Do you have any DIY home beauty or wellness remedies that you swear by?

-The Biologique Recherche PIGM400 mask

-The Detox Tea from Sakara

-My natural almond oil that I use after the shower 


What is your favorite way to stay active?

I have a personal trainer from London that I love and see her 3 times per week. We mainly work my bum and legs. I also practice yoga and pilates and try to run once a week for cardio. I'm super disciplined with my workouts and love being active.


Favorite self-care or mindfulness ritual?

Taking a bath and listening to Bach.


Favorite escape in Latin America?

Mar de Cortés


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