Cacay: The Colombian Superfruit You Need in Your Skincare

Cacay: The Colombian Superfruit You Need in Your Skincare

One of the key ingredients that makes our Hydrating Glow Oil just so powerful is Colombian Cacay. We love this superfruit. One of our line's core ingredients, our organic Cacay oil is wild-harvested in Colombia and is clinically proven to have powerful revitalizing and nourishing benefits


We fell in love with this ingredient not only for its skincare benefits, but for the positive impact that its cultivation is having locally in Colombia - both for the environment, and for the communities that harvest it. 


Cacay ranks among the highest natural sources of Vitamin E, Vitamin F, and Vitamin A. It has twice the amount of Linoleic Acid (Vitamin F) than Argan oil, and 3 times more Vitamin A than Rosehip oil. 


Amazonian communities have valued it for its healing properties for generations, and used it as a cure-all for all types of skin concerns - burns, rashes, cuts, and bruises. Recent scientific research has proven its profound skincare benefits, delivered to you now in each bottle of our Hydrating Glow Oil. 


What are the skincare benefits of Cacay? 


Cacay oil powerfully nourishes, firms, and smooths the skin, helping to maintain youthful vitality. The Cacay oil found in our products is clinically proven to diminish improve hydration, firmness, and skin texture.


Cacay contains an abundance of natural retinols in the form of Vitamin A, which activates the skin’s renewal process, promote cell regeneration, and encourage the production of collagen.


This potent superfruit delivers brightening benefits through high levels of Linoleic Acid. Vitamin E provides antioxidant protection, which helps keep the effects of free radicals and pollution at bay. 


With twice the antioxidants of olive oil, Cacay targets hyperpigmentation and UV-induced oxidation. 


Sustainable Cultivation: The Fruit that Gives Back


Beyond being a skincare powerhouse, Cacay is a beacon for sustainable economic development in Colombia. Our supplier has reforested extensive areas of land in the Colombian Amazon through its cultivation, while creating employment for at-risk indigenous communities in the country’s remote conflict zones.


Cacay trees themselves live 80 - 100 years, and capture large amounts of CO2 from the air, improving the soil around them by constantly shedding their leaves. Furthermore, every part of the Cacay fruit is used for cosmetic, food, and medicinal, leaving nothing to waste. Local communities even refer to it as the "Vegetable Cow" as it produces so many nourishing elements


We are proud to spread the word on this potent and impactful ingredient. We could not be more excited for you to experience it in our Hydrating Glow Oil