Makeup Artist Tatiana Ortiz on Effortless Beauty, Ice Facials, and Dewy Skin

Makeup Artist Tatiana Ortiz on Effortless Beauty, Ice Facials, and Dewy Skin

When it comes to beauty, the makeup artists who live and breathe it every day are a true fountain of knowledge. We sat down with Tatiana Ortiz, the Colombia-based hair and makeup artist who has built her career collaborating with the the top celebrities, magazines, and home-grown fashion brands that have conquered the global scene. She shares her tried and true secrets, from the wonders of a DIY ice facial, to how to keep a dewy look on set.


What is your hometown and where do you live today?


I am from Cali, Colombia, the capital of salsa. Currently, I live in my hometown.


Can you tell us about your work and mission?


For the past four years, I have been working in the beauty and fashion industry as a makeup artist. I was originally pursuing a corporate career, but I felt no passion for it and little fulfillment. I decided to follow my life long dream of becoming a make up artist. I could not be happier with my decision - every day feels like I am on vacation. My mission is to empower women through makeup. To help them recognize their individual beauty, value the physical features that make them unique, and improve their self-esteem through simple but effective makeup tricks.


During your career, you have worked with the top designers, models and brands in Colombia. What do you think differentiates and characterizes Latin American beauty and style?


I believe that what differentiates and characterizes Latin American beauty and style is the naturalness of the Latin woman and that innate self-confidence that exudes sensuality without being too obvious. An appreciation and sense of belonging to their culture, roots, and family is reflected in their beauty as well. This can be seen in the way they dress, express, and practice self-care. Generally, Latinas place a great effort in taking care of themselves. I think that no matter how effortless a look may seem, there are a number of tips and tricks that make us look and feel our best self.


I think that no matter how effortless a look may seem, there are a number of tips and tricks that make us look and feel our best self.


What do you think differentiates the beauty approach you've absorbed in Colombia?


I see that women always want to look good, in her own style. Culturally, we place a large importance in taking care of ourselves. We are constantly looking for that something that makes us look and feel beautiful. 


In a few words, define what beauty is to you?


For me, beauty is in individuality, in the ability to see and recognize what makes us special for being unique. A beautiful woman is one who feels comfortable in her own skin, respects and values her body, and takes care of it. is in individuality, in the ability to see and recognize what makes us special for being unique. A beautiful woman is one who feels comfortable in her own skin, respects and values her body, and takes care of it.


Do you have any first memories of beauty rituals or traditions?


My first memory of a beauty tradition is applying an ice cube to my face in the morning and night. I used to see my mother and grandmother do this. It helps to close pores, firm the skin, and de-puff. And, of course, drinking lots of water.



What is your favorite inherited beauty lesson or practice from your mother, family, culture?


My favorite beauty lesson I learned from my mother is to always remove my makeup and cleanse my face before bedtime.


Can you share with us some of the beauty and/or skin care secrets that you have found to be common in Colombia?


A common beauty secret of Colombian women is just traditional Ponds cream. It doesn't work for me because of my skin type, but my aunts and cousins on my dad's side have used it all their lives. They have the most beautiful skin! 


Can you walk us through the highlights of your skincare routine?


My morning skincare routine begins by washing my face with syndet soap (I use Sensibio gel moussant from Bioderma), then I use my serum of choice at the moment (my favorite is Phloretin CF from Skinceuticals), and lastly I ALWAYS use sunscreen with spf 50+ (I now use Isdin Fusion Water with and without color). In the evenings I remove my makeup with micellar water, wash my face, moisturize, and lastly, I use a retinol. I think the key is in cleansing, always cleansing.


Favorite DIY beauty practice?


I love to exfoliate my skin with what's left of the coffee after brewing. It leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. For my face, I love to do face masks. I currently have two favorites. The first one is made by mixing honey and oatmeal, and the other one by mixing sugar and lemon. I know it can be a bit controversial but they work for me. For my hair, I like to mix different oils (coconut oil and argan oil) and use it from the roots to the ends at least two nights a week. I rinse it off thoroughly the next morning. 


Tell us about your favorite beauty destination or treatment?


One of my favorite beauty rituals is to have a manicure and pedicure at the same salon I've been going to since I was 13 years old. For me, this is like therapy - it's almost an hour of meditation where I get some me time. Another one of my favorite beauty treatments is getting a good facial cleansing. I get one at least every two months. I like to go to different places and experiment with different treatments and the benefits they bring. I always feel renewed after I leave.


Do you have any beauty secrets that you use on set, to show off in a photo?


My beauty secret on set is to keep skin well moisturized. Depending on the model's skin type, I refresh it with rose water or witch hazel, throughout the shoot. I try not to "seal," or cover, the entire complexion with makeup unless it's strictly necessary, so that the skin texture remains as natural as possible.

What is a common makeup error that women make that we could all learn to avoid? 


I would say applying too much product. Too much concealer, too much eyeliner, too much mascara, too much lipstick. I think that's the biggest error we can make. I think it's always best to use less, and if there is something that needs more intensity, then you can slowly go augmenting that one piece. But initially, it's better to keep it simple.

What are your makeup techniques for creating a beautiful eye? 


To make your eyes look bigger, you should not use a dark eyeliner to line the eye, which a lot of women tend to do. Curl your eyelashes well and use mascara. And a light brown eyeshadow, not too dark, around the eye can help a lot to make them stand out. Using a light brown eyeshadow along the lower eyelash line helps a great amount to open the eye, and in the crease of the eyelid to give depth of the eye. 

How should one approach contouring - a trend we're probably all curious about? 


I would recommend thinking about it more as "bronzing" the face, which is in my opinion, a more soft contouring. You want to start from the hairline to cheekbone, and then to the jaw line - in the shape of a "3." I would use a tone that is 1 or maximum 2 shades darker than your skin. I like to use powders for this step, and use a very light touch to keep it subtle, so that it blends super well and you don't end up with defined lines. 


Can you share a great mindfulness or wellness tip?


Not taking anything personally has become one of my tenets. I try not to judge and focus on my objectives and goals. I plan for the future but enjoy taking life one day at a time.


Not taking anything personally has become one of my tenets. I try not to judge and focus on my objectives and goals. I plan for the future but enjoy taking one day at a time.


How do you stay active?


I have been going to ballet fitness class for over two years. This has helped me with my posture and flexibility, and has also helped me reconnect with my feminine side. I highly recommend it if you prefer a less strenuous activity.


Favorite Fruit?


My favorite fruit is tangerine. I love how refreshing it is -  the perfect combination of sweet and sour. I can eat a lot of them in one day without getting tired.


Can you share with us 3 places not to be missed when visiting Cali?


Three of my favorite places and outings in Cali are going to the Cristo Rey monument overlooking the city, taking a walk through the San Antonio neighborhood, and going to the Obelisco to eat Lulada (a traditional juice made from Colombian Lulo fruit) with empanadas sitting by the river.


Favorite escape in Colombia?


My favorite getaway in Colombia is the Eje Cafetero - the coffee region composed of a set of magical towns like Salento and Filandia. They are very rich in gastronomy and hospitality making it a comforting, relaxing, and refreshing destination. I also love the Cocora Valley, a majestic valley full of wax palms, with a temperate climate perfect for a good hot cup of coffee.


Entrevista en Español Completa

¿De dónde eres y en dónde vives actualmente?


Soy de Cali, Colombia, la capital de la salsa, el cholado y la lulada! y vivo actualmente en mi ciudad natal.


Cuéntanos un poco sobre tu trabajo y misión.


Desde hace cuatro años trabajo en el mundo de la belleza y la moda como makeup artist, después de estudiar una carrera profesional y de tener un trabajo que no me llenaba ni me movía la fibra, hice de mi pasión mi trabajo y disfruto cada día como si estuviera de vacaciones.  Mi misión es empoderar a la mujer por medio del maquillaje, ayudarlas a reconocer su belleza individual, valorar los rasgos físicos que las hacen únicas y mejorar su autoestima a través de trucos simples pero efectivos de maquillaje.


Durante tu carrera, has trabajado con las diseñadoras, modelos, y marcas mas famosas en Colombia ¿Qué crees que diferencia y caracteriza la belleza y el estilo latinoamericano? 


Creo que lo que diferencia y caracteriza la belleza y el estilo latinoamericano es la naturalidad, la frescura de la mujer latina y ese desparpajo innato que derrocha sensualidad pero sin ser muy obvio o siéndolo demasiado, pero ahí está. El gusto por las raíces y la unión familiar se ve reflejada en la belleza de la mujer latina, en su manera de vestir, de expresarse y de arreglarse. Las latinas somos vanidosas por naturaleza y pienso que detrás del look de cada una, por más effortless que parezca, hay un sin número de trucos que nos hacen sentir y vernos más arregladas.


¿Qué crees que diferencia y caracteriza las filosofías de belleza Latinoamericanas y/o Colombianas? 


La mujer latina siempre busca verse bien, a su propio estilo, culturalmente somos bastante vanidosas. Estamos constantemente buscando ese algo que nos haga ver más hermosas, y es esa misma búsqueda lo que nos hace derrochar feminidad.


En pocas palabras, define que es la belleza para ti.


Para mí la belleza está en la individualidad y en la capacidad de ver y reconocer aquello que nos hace especiales por ser único. Para mí, una mujer bella es aquella que se siente cómoda en su propia piel, respeta y valora su cuerpo y lo cuida


¿Tienes algún primer recuerdo de una tradición de belleza?


Mi primer recuerdo de una tradición de belleza es el del hielo, aplicar un cubito de hielo en el rostro en la mañana y en la noche. Y beber mucha agua.


¿Cuál es la lección o práctica favorita que hayas heredado de tu madre, familiar o cultura en general?


Mi lección favorita aprendida de mi madre es siempre desmaquillarme y limpiar bien mi rostro antes de dormir.


¿Hay algunos secretos de belleza y/o de cuidado de piel que son típicas de las mujeres Colombianas? 


Un secreto de belleza típico de las mujeres Colombianas es la crema Ponds jajaja, a mí no me funciona mucho por mi tipo de piel pero mis tías y primas por parte de papá la han usado toda la vida y tienen las pieles más hermosas.


¿Cuáles son los pasos de tu rutina de cuidado de piel? 


Mi rutina de piel por la mañana es lavar mi rostro con una jabón syndet (utilizo Sensibio gel moussant de Bioderma), después utilizo algún suero de preferencia en el momento (mi favorito es Phloretin de Skinceuticals), o dependiendo de cómo esté mi piel (es mixta) y por último SIEMPRE utilizo bloqueador solar con spf +50 (Ahora utilizo Isdin Fusion Water con y sin color). En las noches desmaquillo con agua micelar, lavo mi rostro, hidrato, y por último utilizo un retinoide. La limpieza, siempre la limpieza.


¿Cuál es tu práctica de belleza favorita usando ingredientes caseros? 


Me encanta exfoliar la piel de mi cuerpo con lo que queda del café después de colarlo, te deja una sensación de suavidad e hidratación deliciosa. Para el rostro me encanta hacerme mascarillas de miel de abejas y avena, y otra de azúcar y limón, sé que puede ser un poco controversial pero a mí me funcionan. Para el pelo me gusta mezclar diferentes aceites (aceite de coco y de argán) y usarlo de medios a puntas al menos dos veces por semana en las noches y eso si lavo muy bien con champú al día siguiente.


Cuéntanos acerca de tu destino o ritual de belleza favorito. Puede ser un spa, tienda o servicio.


Uno de mis rituales de belleza favoritos es hacerme un manicure y pedicure, en la misma peluquería a la que voy desde que tenía 13 años, para mi es terapia es casi una hora de meditación en donde me regalo un tiempo solo para mí.  Y otro ritual es una buena limpieza facial, al menos una vez cada dos meses, me gusta ir a diferentes sitios porque pienso que todas las manos y rutinas son diferentes y me aportan diferentes beneficios, salgo renovada.


¿Tienes algún secreto de belleza que usas en set, para lucir en una foto? 


Mi secreto de belleza en set es una piel bien hidratada y refrescarla con agua de rosas o de hamamelis, según el tipo de piel. Tratar de no sellar el maquillaje a menos de que sea estrictamente necesario para que la textura de la piel se conserve lo más natural posible.


Compártenos un buen consejo de wellness o de bienestar interior.


No tomarse nada personal se ha vuelto una de mis premisas, no juzgar y enfocarme en mis cosas. Planear el futuro pero disfrutar un día a la vez.


¿Cómo te mantienes activa?


Hace más de dos años voy a clase de ballet fitness, me ha ayudado con mi postura ya que mantengo mucho de pie, con mi flexibilidad y a reconectarme con mi lado más femenino. Lo recomiendo demasiado si prefieres alguna actividad no tan fuerte.


¿Tu fruta favorita?


Mi fruta favorita es la mandarina, me encanta lo refrescante que es, es la combinación perfecta entre dulce y ácido, puedo comer muchas en un solo día sin cansarme.


Compártenos 3 sitios que no se pueden perder visitando a Cali.


Tres de mis sitios y planes favoritos en Cali son ver toda la ciudad desde el mirador de Cristo Rey, dar un paseo por el barrio San Antonio y disfrutar de su gastronomía y sentarte al lado del río a comer lulada con empanadas en el Obelisco.


¿Cuál es tu “escape” (destinación) favorito en Colombia?


Mi escape favorito en Colombia es el Eje Cafetero, un conjunto de pueblos mágicos como Salento y Filandia, muy ricos en gastronomía y con una hospitalidad hacen que sea un destino reconfortante siempre. Además está el Valle del Cócora, un valle majestuoso lleno de palmas de cera, con un clima templado perfecto para tomarse un buen Café caliente.