Jen Lopez Shares 5 Ways to Stay in Shape in COVID Times

Jen Lopez Shares 5 Ways to Stay in Shape in COVID Times

Jen Lopez, professional boxer and trainer, has turned this year into an opportunity to only become more on track to meet her goals. Between training for upcoming fights, and working with personal clients, she has all the tips for staying healthy at home during COVID times. 

1. Invest in Weights and a Foam Roller


Weights are key to meeting your fitness goals. Lifting helps build strong muscles, manage weight, and intensify workout. Foam rolling is as important to loosen and relieve tight muscles. It is especially important when you've been inactive for a long period of time - i.e. sitting at your desk or couch for longer stretches. The more freely your body can move, the better you will perform. 


2. Plan Ahead


Start small and plan your workout routines ahead. Set appointments like you would do with other meetings. I even tell some of my clients to set an alarm in your phone to remind them to do even just a few sets of push-ups each day! Hire a trainer, book an online class, or do a YouTube video. Whatever helps you stay on track!


3. Include a Friend


Share your fitness goals with a friend and hold each other accountable. Take virtual classes together, track results on an app, and share for support and motivation. It's always nice to have another way to connect with friends during this time, and until we can meet at the gym, virtual work outs are a great way to do something healthy together.


4. Hydrate and focus on nutritious foods


The foods you put in your body dictate how you feel in the day. Staying hydrated and eating nourishing, clean food can help you think more clearly, boost your mood, and make you perform better in your workouts. Carbs are your friend (despite what some may think, you absolutely need some when working out). Make sure to hydrate to lubricate your joints and cells. I recommend 2-3 liters for the ladies, and  3-4 for men daily.


5. Take a Walk


Despite our fears of getting too much sun, exposure to sunshine is important. It is recommended to get at least 20 mins of sunlight everyday. Benefits include Vitamin D, and a boost to the immune system, as well as helping fight off depression. Walking outside is especially important if you sit for long hours in front of a screen. It can help undo the damage that being sedentary can cause, like poor posture and tight muscles.